New site launched!

Welcome to XGASOFT 2.0!

It has now been a full year since XGASOFT launched its main website, featuring its first major product, Yugure no Kagami – The Mirror of Dusk. It’s been pretty quiet around here in the meantime, but that doesn’t mean nothing has been happening! Just the opposite, in fact, as any X1 developer can attest. X1 is XGASOFT’s one-stop shop for custom developer tools, and with core projects like VNgen now complete and out in the wild, it’s time to start putting those tools to good use!

The new site redesign is just the beginning. Further updates are planned both around here and for X1, along with updates on Yugure no Kagami development progress and even new product announcements! Even better, you can now subscribe to receive XGASOFT news delivered directly to your inbox! As our way of saying thanks, first-time subscribers will even receive 10% off their next purchase of XGASOFT products, so make sure to check your mail after signing up!

Enjoy your stay at XGASOFT’s new home, and thanks for your time and support!


Lucas C

Telling stories with code.