Yugure no Kagami – The Mirror of Dusk


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An ancient battle...

Yugure no Kagami – The Mirror of Dusk

“Since the beginning of time, the Sun and the Moon have been locked in never-ending conflict—

a war carried out at the hands of Guardians: metaphysical beings tasked with protecting their celestial bodies’ sources of power.


For the Sun: the Scepter of Dawn, a tool of great strength and power.


For the Moon: the Mirror of Dusk, a guiding article of wisdom and truth.


For millennia this battle raged, and there was balance.


Until one day…”

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A strange, yet familiar world...

Yugure no Kagami – The Mirror of Dusk
The Beginning

Tokyo, Japan…

The busy streets of the bustling metropolis pause to turn their eyes skyward.

Peering back at them is an eerie sight not beheld in decades: a black disc surrounded by tendrils of light grasping to pierce a looming shadow the size of the earth itself. It is as if a void has opened in the heavens, joining two forbidden worlds as one.

To the public, the display is but a scientific amusement.

To Tetsu Omori, it’s an annoyance.

At least on a regular day the crowds keep moving. During an eclipse, getting anywhere fast is impossible. And he’s already late for class.

Nothing an emergency detour to the subway station can’t solve—or so he thought. But even underground, this eclipse isn’t about to let him get away so easily…

An unlikely alliance...

Yugure no Kagami – The Mirror of Dusk
Tetsu Omori [大森鉄]

Tetsu Omori [大森鉄]

Age: 20 / Blood Type: AB

Tetsu Omori is a contented college student at Shingetsu Academy in modern-day Japan. Independent and socially withdrawn, his existence is an average, monotonous one, but at least it keeps people off his back.

… Or rather, it did, right up until he bumped into a strange girl on the morning subway train—literally.

Now his world is unraveling around him as he finds himself unexpectedly caught up in a search for the long-lost Scepter of Dawn alongside a mysterious Guardian of the Moon named Rei. Throughout his journey, Tetsu must balance the duties of school life while battling monsters in a parallel dimension accessed through mirrors, discovering unlikely friendships—and enemies—along the way.


Yugure no Kagami – The Mirror of Dusk is an urban-fantasy interactive adventure game built on an original engine designed to raise the bar for visual novel production.

Featuring multiple endings and a unique social progression system, Yugure no Kagami aims to provide over 30 hours of rich, engaging content suitable for many ages.

Yugure no Kagami – The Mirror of Dusk


Yugure no Kagami – The Mirror of Dusk